How do I book my practical driving test?

You can book your theory test online @ and your practical driving test online @ or by telephone on 0300 200 1122.

You will need the following with you when booking your practical test: your theory certificate; your driving licence; your driving school code number which you can get from your instructor; and a valid credit/debit card. Make sure you check the date with your instructor before booking!

How do I know I am ready for my Driving Test?

You will be ready for your practical test when you show that you have reached Level 5 in all the Key Skills listed on your Driver Record in your Training Booklet. Learner drivers who pass 1st time do so because they have had plenty of professional instruction & practice. Only 43% of those taking their practical test actually pass so make sure you are one of them. If you are not sure whether you are ready have a chat with your instructor, and maybe request a mock test. This will give you an indication on whether you are ready. If not, your instructor will help you to understand the areas that need more practice.

Can I use my own car for the test, and if so what do I have to do?

Yes you can, and this is the official DVSA response to this query:-
“I can confirm that you can present your own vehicle for the test however you must ensure that it is mechanically sound. All equipment by law must be fitted and working correctly. The controls, seating, equipment or any other articles in the vehicle must be arranged so that they don’t interfere with the conduct of the test.

The vehicle will be deemed unsuitable for testing if the vehicle has no clear view to the rear – other than by use of the exterior mirrors, the vehicle is fitted with only a driver’s seat and it must not be loaded or partly loaded. You may wish to contact your insurance company to verify that you are covered to take the test in your vehicle as this will be asked on the day of your test. This means that your insurance company will need to send you a letter confirming you are covered to take a driving test. You will need to fit an extra rear view mirror for use by the examiner which is available from most car accessory stores. “L” plates must also be displayed on both the front and rear of the vehicle. Also, the car must have a seatbelt and headrest fitted as standard to the front passenger seat.

When driving to the test centre you must have someone accompanying you, who has held their British licence in the category you are learning for more than 3 years and is also over the age of 21. The examiner will ask you if you wish the person accompanying you to sit in on the test. This is of course your choice

What documents do I need to take with me to my driving test?

You will need to take your theory pass certificate, your UK driving licence (or if you have a paper version of the licence then photo evidence as well such as a valid passport) and your test appointment letter.

How much are the current driving tests?

Currently the Theory test is £23.00 for weekday and weekend tests. The Practical Driving test is £62.00 and £75.00 on Saturdays. If you require information on any other test, this can be found on the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency website

Does the standard of the test vary?

No, all examiners are trained to assess tests to the same standard. The test routes are designed to include a range of typical road and traffic conditions and the examiners are closely supervised to make sure they follow the national standard. A senior examiner sits in on some tests to make sure the examiner is assessing the standard of your driving properly. If this happens on your test, don’t worry, as they won’t be looking at you, so just carry on as if they weren’t there.

Can anyone accompany me on the test?

Yes! Your driving instructor or supervisor can accompany you if you so wish. This can be a good idea if you are particularly nervous, and if you do fail your instructor will be there to see where you need more training.

What are the Tell me/Show me questions?

These are safety checks that should always carried out on your vehicle on a regular basis. The examiner will ask you one “tell me” question at the beginning of the test and one “show me”  whilst you are driving. They can be found on the sub-navigation menu at the top of this page or by clicking on the links.

Does the way a candidate dresses or behaves affect the outcome of a test?

Dress will not have the slightest effect on a driving test, but behaviour can affect a test and how you drive! This will usually show in a candidate’s attitude to other road users. You need to be calm behind the wheel at all times, as a person who is agitated or angry is much more likely to have or cause an accident.

Do examiners have a quota of passes?

No they don’t. Their results are monitored though as a tell-tale guide if the examiner is doing his own thing instead of keeping within the DVSA’s marking criteria. Also every so often an examiner will have a supervisor accompany them on test.

This is again to ensure that the examination is carried out to the required standard. If you have this happen, remember the examiner is watching the examiner not you. Just drive as you would if you were with your instructor.