We are back teaching from today! 

And so ends another lockdown! We are very grateful to all of our pupils – new and old – for your loyalty and patience during these strange times. Again, we welcome you back to your driving lessons at Christine’s.

As you have probably heard, the lockdown for driving instructors has ended, and our instructors will be able to return to work from the 2nd December onwards. However, we have been inundated with new pupil enquiries since the 1st lockdown, and are currently very busy. Now we are coming out of the 2nd one, and our current waiting lists are even longer. All tests that were booked for November have been pushed back a further four weeks or more. Therefore, we are unable to take any new pupils on at this present time.

We are also continuing to operate on a lesser scale as the current covid-19 advice is to spend a maximum of 1.5 hours in a car with any one person, and we have to clean the car between each lesson to keep us all safe. Therefore, unfortunately, we will not be offering any intensive courses for the present time.

For any new pupils who wish to book your driving lessons, we ask you to bear with us. We are operating a waiting list system which is currently about 3 – 4 months long. If you would like to go on the waiting list, please contact us here. We need to know your name, contact number, where you live and when you are free for lessons. As soon as one of our instructors has a gap, we will contact you. If you are already having lessons with us, your instructor will be in touch with you to schedule your driving tuition.

How will be conducting our driving lessons @ Christine’s SOM:

  1. All of our cars will have a deep clean before we resume driving lessons, and we will clean our cars regularly to keep you safe.
  2. We will contact you the day before a driving lesson to check for any symptoms of Coronavirus. If, however, you do get symptoms before that day, please let us know. There will not be any cancellation charges for genuine ill-health. Please remember that if you experience symptoms, you will need to self-isolate for ten days following the onset of symptoms.
  3. We will also contact you on the morning of your driving lesson to check your general health.
  4. We will clean our tuition car before we pick you up.
  5. Please wash your hands before coming to your driving lesson.
  6. We are asking all pupils to wear a face-covering whilst on your driving lesson. If you haven’t got one, we will be happy to provide you with a mask at a small cost to cover our extra overheads.
  7. We will give you some hand gel before you enter the car. Again, for contact reasons, you can supply your own, but we will need you to apply it in front of us.
  8. Whilst on the lesson we will keep the windows open to help with ventilation as we are unable to socially distance.
  9. At the end of the lesson, we will ask you to update your training booklet yourself. You may wish to bring a pen, but we can supply one if necessary. We will also book your driving lessons for the future at this time.
  10. We will give you some hand gel before you leave the car.
  11. After your lesson, we will clean the car ready for the next pupil.

How we will continue to conduct our driving lessons at Christine’s SOM:

Paying for your lessons:

We will be encouraging you to pay for your lessons online to prevent contact further. You can find our current prices on our website.

  • Introductory Offers– please click here
  • Pay as you go prices – please click here
  • Block booking rates – please click here
  • Automatic Lessons –please click here


This year we are offering a year expiry date on all Gift Vouchers purchased for Christmas. We will also honour any vouchers purchased if they expire before we can start or resume your driving lessons. Please contact us so that we can help you with your gift voucher purchase or to extend your expiry date on our system.

Intensive Courses:

Due to being unable to socially distance, and the length of time we would spend in the car with pupils on an intensive course, we have been advised only to do lessons of 1.5 hours maximum. Therefore at this present time, we are unable to offer any intensive courses. As soon as Covid-19 restrictions relax, we will be happy to provide these courses to pupils again.